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Welcome to Space Harmony Feng Shui
B. J. Gorman

Bringing Feng Shui and Space Clearing to greater Chicagoland for over 14 years.
Services include confidential consultations for Homes and Offices, Presentations and Workshops.

ecognize your home as yourself. Bring spiritual energy and transformation into your life. Fill your home with radiant harmony! Feng Shui can shift the Ch’i (energy) to support your personal growth and create positive change in your life. As we become aware of the direct connection between the condition and quality of our environment and the quality of our lives, we see that by applying the principles of Feng Shui we can improve the quality of our health, wealth and happiness. Interior Design and Architecture can benefit from the use of Feng Shui. Make conscious and intelligent choices for furniture, textiles, art, and materials for building, to create harmony and balance in your surroundings, using Feng Shui.

Services embrace "Essential Feng ShuiTM" as developed by Terah Kathryn Collins, Interior Alignment Instinctive Feng ShuiTM, as taught by Denise Linn, and Grandmaster Lin Yun’s BTB Feng Shui method under David Daniel Kennedy’s Practitioner Mentorship program.

My Book:
The Ch’i of Body and Place

Linking the Chakras with the Bagua Map
A Manual for Feng Shui Practitioners

Though written for Feng Shui practitioners, those who are energy workers familiar with our chakras will find it useful as it connects us to another deeper level of understanding of how our inner spiritual world interfaces with our material outer world. To order see the contact page.

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