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The Ch’i of Body and Place

Manual for Feng Shui practitioners linking the chakras with the Bagua Map.

By B. J. Gorman

You will discover the connection between our inner energy meridians and the energy of the Bagua Map.  If you are ready to take that inner journey of the soul through the Bagua Map this book can be your guide.  Go to make contact to get more information and to order this one of a kind book.


Working with the Five Elements of Feng Shui

 Since the Five Chinese Elements represent the 5 basic ways energy moves we can increase the type of energy we would like to carry within us with Inner Feng Shui.  Let’s start with Water energy as it basic to our health.  We need “jing” which is water, in order to function.

 Feng Shui for Relaxation

 The nature of water Ch’i is spiritual, mystical, meditative, flowing in a path of least resistance.  It is found in fountains, ponds, streams, waterfalls, glass, reflective surfaces, and artwork depicting these.  Its shape is asymmetrical, free flowing and not perfectly balanced.  Its color is black and deep tones like midnight blue.  When there is too much water in a space it lacks structure and direction.  When there is not enough water there is anxiety, stress, aggressiveness, and lack of connection to spirit.

In our body, lack of water manifests as stress and anxiousness.  To bring ourselves back into balance we can capture the qualities of water by slowing down, “Being” (“doing nothing”), and meditating, relaxing and drinking lots of water.   Take a soaking bath or enjoy the luxury of regular massage.  By bringing the passive energy of water into our lives we can balance ourselves. Result?  Better focus and centering to meet our daily challenges.  Taking “time out” is just as important as “getting the job done” when it comes to enriching the quality of life.


Clutter Found Guilty of Home Invasion and Choking Ch’i of occupants!  

Culprit Clutter has been discovered in many homes and offices where occupants have been deprived of vital Ch’i due to its presence.

Clutter has been officially cited as person non gratis in places where Feng Shui and Space Clearing are practiced.  


Yes.  The first rule of Feng Shui and Space Clearing is Clear the Clutter.  To create harmony and balance we have to recognize that clutter is at the root of discord and imbalance in our spaces. 

Clutter n. 1. ANYTHING yes, ANYTHING that does not serve you, 2. blockage, restricts flow of energy, 3. chaos, 4. can be material, physical, spiritual, or psychological.


You don’t have to know how to place the Bagua or set up a Space Clearing ceremony to get started.  Just clear out the clutter to begin to shift the energy to create positive change in your life.  As we deal with our “stuff” we shift the ch’i in our environment.  Clutter saps our energy and keeps things from coming into our lives.  As we let go of the old we make room for new things to come in.  Clearing Clutter is a “cure” or enhancement in itself.  We can work with intention and gratitude as we clear the clutter to give our clutter work more power.


So, what is clutter?

  • Too much in a space

  • Disorganization

  • Broken things

  • Things we don’t like (Close your eyes and imagine that you are surrounded by things that you love. How does it feel?  Can you take it all in?)

  • If we don’t love it or use it then it is clutter.

How do you get started? 


Here are some tips that can get help.

1. Start small.  Clear a closet, a drawer, or a shelf.

2. Don’t hurry.  It is a process that reflects in us too, so we are getting used to the changes as well.

3. Stay the course.

4. Practice doing things in small time frames to keep it down to size.  Even 10  minutes at a time will make a difference.

5. This is a basic key to bringing wealth into your life.  Suze Orman includes this practice in her wealth regimen.  Holding on to stuff is poverty consciousness.   There is a fear of not having enough.

6. If you just can’t do it on your own get help from a professional organizer or a trusted friend.

7. As you look at your stuff ask yourself,  Do I love it?”, “Do I need it?”


Discover what it feels like to remove things from your life.  I dare you!  Try it! You may actually like it.


For more information on clearing clutter come participate in one of my presentations, workshops, or for a real energy boost consider becoming a Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment™  

Namaste,  B. J.