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All consultations are completely confidential, and are by appointment.


"We had a rental property for sale for over 2 months without an offer. B. J. helped us enhance the Wealth and Prosperity section and the Helpful People and Travel section of the house. Less than a week later we received 3 offers on the house all on the same day - and one was for the full price."

Debra S., Seattle WA.
Home consultations normally take about 2 hours. If you have a floor plan it saves time mapping your space. Attached garages, outdoor decks and patios, and screened in porches are taken into consideration for Feng Shui mapping purposes. I divide your space into 9 equal areas according to the Bagua Map.

It is my mission to move and adjust the Ch'i (energy) of your home to nurture and support your intentions and aspirations. We will concentrate on your 2 or 3 top priority objectives to bring powerful changes into your life. You will learn to empower the changes and enhancements you make using the Three Secrets Reinforcement. We will use the traditional Chinese red envelopes to honor our time together. It is always my commitment that you understand the information I give you, and that you are able to implement it. I also try to use things that you already have to bring balance and harmony to your space. Often rearranging what is there is what works best. I have found that those who make Feng Shui changes immediately with conscious purposeful intention notice and feel results quickly. You will find yourself seeing your world through "Feng Shui eyes", and you will be able to facilitate changes in yourself and your environment using heightened Feng Shui intuition.

"I changed my daughter's bedroom around, and removed the stuffed animals after our consultation [with B. J.]. The room is much quieter and she is sleeping alot better too. After anchoring my Wealth and Prosperity corner outside, an investment closed bringing money flow in."

K. K., Naperville, IL

"After our consultation I removed a cocktail bar I had in a closet in my Children and Creativity area. I set up an altar of favorite books, mementoes, and some of my artwork. I also had a leak repaired in my family area. Almost immediately my sister contacted me to settle a financial matter we had been living with for years. Our relationship is now better than it has ever been. Shifting the energy in my home has brought happiness to my family relationships, and a great flow of abundance too."

E. L., Willowbrook, IL


"During our consultation I told B. J. about feeling blocked and frustrated about resolving a mountain of paperwork with my vendors. She recommended that I change the position of my desk so it faced the door instead of the wall. The very next day after I changed the desk everything that was pending was resolved. And, I didn't do anything except move the desk. It was like magic. I can see how powerful this energy is. I feel more powerful too. Thank you."

M. R. B., Oak Brook, IL
Business Consultations can take longer than residential consultations depending on the size and the number of employees involved. However, a small one office business is usually the same time as a home. Having a floor plan facilitates the basic mapping of the space.

The Bagua map is applied to a business in the same way as a home, but the energy goals a geared to a work environment. By creating harmony and balance in the workplace we expect greater productivity, creativity, and wealth flow. The benefits are the greatest where all employee and customer needs are addressed.

"After I made the Feng shui changes B. J. suggested, my massage therapy business grew 15% immediately."

C. B., Naperville, IL


Ancient techniques are used to clear negative and unhealthy energy from your environment and to restore harmony, balance, and support in your space. Where there have been arguments, divorce, illness, death, drug abuse or heavy clutter a Space Clearing can bring radiant light and clear energy back into your home or office. You will feel peace, light, happiness, and the rebalancing of your energy after a Clearing. It is recommended to do a Space Clearing when taking over a new space and after construction to clear prior energies, enabling you to fill it with your own energy and have a fresh and auspicious beginning. Give yourself a new and abundant outlook with a Space Clearing.

"Our Homes reflect our interest, our deeply held beliefs, our spirit and our passions. Our homes are mirrors of ourselves."

Denise Linn
Founder Interior Alignment Instinctive Feng Shui


We use Blessing Ceremonies to celebrate important events - weddings, graduations, birthdays, job changes, buying and selling homes or businesses. Blessings joyfully help manifest your dreams with power and intention giving a sense of purpose to life enhancing events.