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"B.J. Gorman's Space Harmony Feng Shui presentation at The Merchandise Mart's Tuesday Design Forum series was well-organized and very informative. It was well attended by [over 100] members of the trade, who enthusiastically rated it as one our most worthwhile programs ever."

Christopher Land
Director of Marketing
Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.

Using either overhead projection or posters (depending on group size), a 1 or 1 1/2 hour lecture with time for questions and answers can provide a general overview of Feng Shui. The fundamental basics on historical background, Ch'i, the Bagua Map, and the Five Elements are covered. Handouts are provided.

Presentations are well suited to libraries, design groups, or educational groups. This is a great way to introduce your organization to the elementary level of Feng Shui. I can tailor a presentation to your group's interests as well.Contact me to bring Feng shui to your audience.

See the Calendar of Events for currently scheduled Group Presentations.

"Outstanding! I would highly recommend this program to other libraries. It brought in one of the largest audiences that we have ever had at a weekday evening program...I appreciate how thoroughly your lecture explained the philosophy of Feng Shui and helped the audience gain a better understanding of ways that they can use it in their own homes. Our library has received a deluge of praise and positive feedback from many of the 128 people who attended."

Linda Olsen
Publice Relations and Development Officer
Oak Lawn Public Library
Oak Lawn, Il.