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B. J. Gorman, Consultant
Graduate, Western
School of Feng Shui TM and Advanced Essential Feng Shui® Training Certification: by Terah Kathryn Collins.
Senior Practitioner of Interior Alignment and Master’s Certification, Advanced Interior Alignment: Accredited by
Denise Linn, Interior Alignment Instinctive Feng ShuiTM. Professional Certification Course. Master Teacher of Interior Alignment™, from the International Institute of Interior Alignment™.

Mentor: David Daniel Kennedy Practitioner Mentorship Program, BTB Black Sect Feng Shui-Grandmaster Lin Yun method.

Facial Diagnosis and the 5 element Theory Five Day Intensive Program, by Lotus Institute of Lillian Garnier, Certification Course.

Red Ribbon Professional

My Mission

“To empower you to shift the energy of your environment to support your personal growth and to create positive change in your life.”

I will give you the tools to make energetic adjustments and enhancements to your space with conscious awareness. You will recognize how you interact with your surroundings, and how they reflect who you are. Your environment can work for you and truly mirror who you are now as well as carry you into a brighter tomorrow.

My services include Feng Shui Consultations for homes and businesses, Workshops, Presentations, Space Clearing, and Blessing Ceremonies.


"Essential Feng ShuiTM" is a trademark of the Western School of Feng ShuiTM.
Interior Alignment Instinctive Feng ShuiTM is a trademark of
Denise Linn Seminars..

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