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    Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art and science of environmental placement that teaches us how to bring balance and harmony into our living spaces to nurture our growth.  Feng Shui can help you to create beautiful environments using tested design principles.  This workshop will teach you the basics of Feng Shui, including how to use the Bagua Map, and Ch’i enhancers.  You will be able to apply this knowledge to your home and office immediately. 

     The introductory Essential Feng Shui Workshop covers the history of Feng Shui as you discover the mundane and spiritual meaning of the Bagua, and how to use the Bagua Map in your space to power up you life. We will weave the Five Chinese Elements into the Bagua too.  You will learn how to use Ch’i Enhancers, be guided through meditation to tap into your home, and enjoy a Feng Shui Walk via Powerpoint.  Bring a notebook and a drawing of the space you want to map and work with, including outside porches and patios.
    You may also choose to focus on a specific sector of the Bagua to delve deeper into its essence. Topics such as "Feng Shui for the Bedroom", or "Wealth and Prosperity" are just a few options. The possibilities are endless.

    See the Calendar of Events for currently scheduled Workshops. Or contact me to schedule an Essential Feng Shui Workshop of your choice.



    Space Harmony Feng ShuiTM offers One Day basic "Essential Feng ShuiTM" Workshops that cover the history of Feng Shui, The Bagua Map, Ch'i Enhancers, with a powerpoint presentation. This can be a full day or half day workshop. Study materials are included. Participants are to bring a floor plan of their home or office space including outside porches or patios to work on.

    You will learn to apply the Bagua Map to your space - your home, apartment, or office. You will discover the connection between the quality of your space and the challenges in your life. You will awaken your intuitive awareness to your surroundings. You will come away with a basic foundation in the principles of Feng Shui.

    I can schedule a Workshop for your group of 10 or more - a maximum of 20 participants is recommended - at your site. I welcome the opportunity to bring a full day or half day of Feng Shui to your organization.

    “B.J. had a most comfortable and fluent presentation. She made everyone feel an integral part of the presentation.”
    A. R., Hickory Hills, IL

    “I am very happy that I joined this workshop! I feel that I am in control of my life.”
    D. B., Hickory Hills, IL


    Space Clearing is a ceremony that traces its roots to ancient cultures.  Our desire to create sacred spaces is in our ancestry.  Our nature resonates with the spirit of places that feel comfortable.  Many religions have their priest, rabbi, or minister bless their new home or business.  Space Clearing is a process whereby we release old stagnant negative ch’i (energy) as we create refreshing clear vibrant energy in the space.  We bless it with positive intention that allows our home or office to support us, nurture us, and energize us as we move forward.  A Space Clearing will make a place look brighter and feel lighter.

    Our One Day Space Clearing Workshop will prepare you to Space Clear your own home or office.  You will be introduced to the tools of the trade, how to set up your Space Clearing, when the best times to do a Space Clearing are, and discover how to sense the energy in your space.  You will be guided through meditation to get in energetic touch with your own home.

    This is an introduction to the Space Clearing process that will qualify you to practice its power in your personal life.

    In this interactive Workshop we will explore the basic facets and key elements of an effective and successful Space Clearing.

    You will:

    1.  Be trained to Space Clear your own home or office for power and energy.

    2.  Be able to ascertain when a Space Clearing is called for.

    3.  Be taught how to set up your Space Clearing Ceremony.

    4.  Learn the steps in this ancient process

    5.  Understand how to use the elements in Space Clearing

    6.  Become familiar with a variety of tools used for purification and blessing – What tools to use and when

    7.  Discover which tools are your allies

    8.  Experience sensing energy – feel the difference between comfortable and draining energies

    9.  Be guided by meditation to recognize your home’s energy.

    See the Calendar of Events for currently scheduled Workshops. Or, you can contact me to schedule your own Space Clearing Workshop.